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About us

You Fine was founded since 1983, which is specialized in Bronze Sculptures and Stainless Steel Sculptures with a great expanding in all fields of Sculpting Business during the past 30 years.

Mainly operating production contains Modern Stainless Steel Sculptures,Large Stainless Steel Sculptures,Abstract Stainless Steel Sculptures,Casting Bronze Sculptures,Antique Bronze Sculptures…..

No matter the style you are looking for, You Fine is sure to have many selections to suit your  decor and lifestyle for Stainless Steel Sculptures and Bronze Sculptures.

A good quality Bronze Sculptures and Stainless Steel Sculptures, not only need nice design, but also good casting quality.

We are always proud of our casting quality. With advanced lost-wax casting, finest welding & chasing skills, excellent patina and best bronze raw material, we always supply art-quality casting.

Advantages of You Fine Sculpture

30-Year Quality Guarantee

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